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Our main goal is to help our customers maximize the value of their heating and cooling money while also increasing the value of their homes and businesses. This is accomplished by delivering a variety of services, including gutter replacement, weatherization, insulation, and air sealing. Our team of professionals is capable of handling everything from new window installation to window repair, and they possess the knowledge and expertise necessary to complete your project to your complete satisfaction.
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About Us

Insulation & Windows Solutions Inc.

When Keith founded Insulation & Windows Solutions Inc. his goal was to provide the best service possible to his customers while also being as efficient as possible and being open and honest with them.
Our team has over 14 years of experience in the window replacement industry. Due to our extensive knowledge and experience, we can guarantee results in terms of energy cost reduction in your home. What separates us from other companies is our honesty, skill, and feeling of achievement. When you choose us, you are choosing people who are just as enthusiastic about your project as you are about yours.

We are a well-established, professional company with the appropriate education, insurance, and track record to ensure that your project is completed accurately, reliably, and professionally on the first try.

Services We Provide

Our competent team ensures a seamless and professional approach. We handle your project from start to finish, providing a variety of services to ensure perfection.

Window Replacement

By hiring Keith and his team to install new energy-efficient windows in your home, apartment complex, or condominium, you can quickly and easily improve the appearance of your property while simultaneously saving money on your electricity costs.

Insulation Services

When you use your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system, you pay a lot of money. Inefficient heating and cooling is a result of poor insulation, which allows conditioned air to exit your home while allowing outside air to enter.

Air Sealing

Every home has holes cut by electricians to feed electrical cables and gaps in the rim joists that enable conditioned air to escape. Unfortunately, these small holes have a significant impact on your home’s energy efficiency.

Gutter Systems

Gutters are designed to divert rainwater from your home. If you don’t have gutters, water will pool around your home’s foundation, which can cause serious damage. There is a risk that water will seep into the foundation of your home because of this. Damage to the foundation of your home might lead to pricey repairs if you don’t fix it quickly.

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“Keith and crew did an amazing job. They got the job done when they said it would be done.”
– Clyde D.
“Keith Martin was extremely helpful. They came out and did a great job.. Very nice people.”
– Cathy C.
“Keith was very easy to talk with and get the insulation done in a timely manner.”
– Todd S.
“Installation was quick. They paid attention to detail, and were courteous, cleaned up all materials. Would recommend them highly.”
– Joan W.
“The response time was very impressive. The work was done as promised, on time and completely as discussed for the scope of work.
– Bailey M.
“I was pleased with the work and professionalism. They were on time and completed the project on time per the agreement.”
– Kris R.

Window Replacement and Installation

Because of the potential health risks associated with older windows, energy-efficient windows are quickly becoming the industry standard for window replacement. Certain harmful pollutants can enter your home and family through old windows. Lead may be present in older paint, which can create health problems.

Our new windows will help you save money on your energy bills while also improving the aesthetic and value of your home. We will visit your home on a date and time that is convenient for you to assess your window replacement, installation, or repair needs. While we’re there, we’ll give you a no-obligation, precise on-site quote for any window replacement, installation, or repair service. We guarantee that our price on new windows will be lower than any competitor’s. We don’t rely on sales pressure or discount gimmicks to get your money.

Gutter Systems

Your home’s relies on gutters for one basic reason: they direct rainwater away from the building’s foundation. In order to prevent water from accumulating around the foundation or basement, you must direct it away from the structure. Gutters also keep soil from becoming eroded as a result of water pooling in the gutters. They play a critical role in ensuring that your landscape and the environment around your home remain beautiful throughout the year.

There is a gutter to match your design, construction, and roofing material no matter what type of roofing system you have. We can assist you in selecting the best gutters for your property and provide professional gutter maintenance all year. Please contact us if you have any further questions about gutters.


If your home was built before 1980, you are one of the 77 million Americans whose homes are not insulated properly, if at all. Prior to 1980, there were no minimum insulation requirements in building codes. And, even if your home was built after 1980, insulation standards have changed constantly over the years.

Heat travels naturally from a warm to a cool location. As a result, many homes with insufficient insulation wind up heating their attics or even losing heat to the outside. The same is true for summer, but in reverse. Outside heat naturally finds its way inside the air-conditioned home. Insulation works to slow down this natural process, keeping a home warm in the winter and cool in the summer while also cutting energy expenses.

Air Sealing

Sealing air leaks in your home can reduce heating and cooling costs, improve comfort, and create a healthier indoor atmosphere. Heat can escape the home through a number of gaps, cracks, and holes located throughout the structure.

We can find and seal air leaks throughout the home, from the attic to the basement. If you’re interested in having us conduct a full home energy audit and fix air leaks to improve your home’s comfort, contact us today!


Weatherization is critical for reducing energy waste in your home and monthly power expenses. Our mission is to educate our customers on how energy is used in their homes and how they can save money on their monthly utility bills by reducing excessive usage.
Weatherization is shielding the interior of a home from the elements, most notably sunlight, rain, and wind, and changing a space to reduce energy consumption and enhance efficiency. Our weatherization method is simple and straightforward. To begin, the attic. There are numerous reasons for energy to escape your home, but one of the most crucial is the attic. A poorly insulated attic loses about 15% of your energy. In the summer, the normal attic temperature ranges between 140 and 160 degrees Fahrenheit.

Proper attic ventilation is critical for the heating and cooling systems in your house. Without appropriate attic ventilation, moisture can build up, causing mold, mildew, and even decreased attic insulation performance. We will assist you in identifying and resolving any of these issues in your house.

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Kennesaw, GA

Kennesaw is a city in Cobb County, Georgia, United States. It is located within the metropolitan Atlanta area. Known as Big Shanty from its founding in the 1830s until 1887, it was renamed Kennesaw following its 1887 charter. Kennesaw had a population of 29,783 in 2010, but 34,077 in 2019, indicating a 14.4 percent increase in population over the last decade.

Kennesaw is significant in railroad history. Kennesaw served as the staging area for the Great Locomotive Chase on April 12, 1862, during the Civil War. Today, the city is arguably best known nationally for its mandatory gun possession ordinance, which requires all families in Kennesaw, with certain exceptions, to keep a gun.

Things To Do in Kennesaw, GA

Kennesaw, Georgia offers a diverse range of indoor and outdoor activities for people of all ages, both tourists and residents. Kennesaw is a beautiful region featuring floral gardens, scenic parks, amazing skyline views, and the Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park.

Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park

The battlefield park, which protects the mountain from which the city gets its name, preserves the site of a significant battle during the American Civil War.

It was a conflict that lasted nearly a month in the summer of 1864, before the Confederate south’s soldiers defeated General Sherman’s Unionist troops.

The mountain’s peak offers superb panoramic views of the surrounding area, and visitors to the park can also explore the historic Peter Valentine Kolb’s Farm House.

Southern Museum of Civil War and Locomotive History

Visit Kennesaw’s very own Southern Museum to gain a better understanding of the events surrounding the American Civil War.

It is housed in a historic barn that was formerly home to a cotton gin (a machine that separates the cotton fibers from the seeds). Inside, visitors will find a variety of relics linked to the war’s Atlanta Campaign.

Almost certainly, the museum’s centerpiece will be a steam engine called the General. This locomotive took part in what has come to be known as the Great Locomotive Chase.

Sky Zone Trampoline Park

Although the Sky Zone Trampoline Park in Kennesaw has unfortunately closed, another location is available in the nearby city of Roswell, located approximately 30 minutes east.

Open to both children and adults, this facility allows you to test your total fitness level on Sky Zone’s ninja warrior course or have a more relaxed time bouncing on Freestyle Jump’s wall-to-wall trampolines.

If competition is your thing, you’re likely to enjoy the Ultimate Dodgeball trampoline court, while would-be acrobats may practice new acrobatics in the Foam Zone, which features a soft and foamy landing.

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