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The climate in the south is far different than the climate in upper, northern states. Throughout the year, it's much hotter in the South for much longer. So windows should be designed with this in mind. In the north they want the sun's heat to pass through the glass (High SHGC).  It helps heat up the house during their long cold seasons.  Many windows are tailored to deal with the northern climate.  Ours are different!

Our windows are designed and constructed to meet the demands of the southern climate.  In the south we want to keep the heat out.  The goal is to keep a home cooler during the long hot southern seasons, while keeping energy costs low.  The windows Insulation & Window Solutions install do this! Contact us today!
"Made in the South...For the South" right here in Atlanta!

Exclusive Features:

  • 100% Pure Virgin Vinyl
  • 3-1/4" Heavy Duty Frames
  • Fully Fusion-Welded Frames and Sashes
  • Dual Weather-Stripping
  • 3/4" Double Pane/Insulated Glass
  • Upper Sash Vent Stops
  • Full Interlocking Rails
  • Ccore Composite Reinforcement
  • Constant Force Balances
  • Sloped Sills

What is Low-E Glass?
Simply put, LowE glass reflects heat away from the glass surface, no matter where the heat is coming from. There 2 to 3 layers of microscopic silver particles coatings on the glass. These silver particles reflect the heat just like aluminum foil does. When it's hot outside, the heat reflects away. Cold outside - the inside heat hits the glass and reflects back inside.

Your home stays cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

Also, our Cardinal LowE blocks out 85% of damaging UV rays. No more faded, dried out carpets, window treatments, furniture, etc. Additionally, the improved energy efficiency will help save you money, year after year on utility costs.
What is Argon Gas?
Argon is a non-toxic, odorless inert gas that's heavier and denser than air. When pumped inside a double pane, it provides an additional insulation barrier. Not only does it increase a windows energy efficiency but it significantly reduces outside noise.
What is IG Spacer?
When making double pane glass units, a "spacer" is used to separate the 2 pieces of glass. The best spacer is one that doesn't transfer the cold. We use the patented Duraseal spacer system. It's by far one of the best available. Energy efficient, strong and long lasting.

Our SlimLine Design:

Our windows give you the largest glass area possible without sacrificing strength and durability. The "SlimLine" design of our windows gives you 12%-16% more glass area than most other replacement windows do. Windows are for letting light in and providing you with the largest viewing area possible!
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