Energy costs increased 37% in the last four years, and they're projected to increase another 11% each year for the next ten years. Learn what you can do today to slash your energy costs.
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In addition to providing education on energy saving products, we also offer over 12 years of experience in the home remodeling industry. With this level of experience, we can guarantee results in the reduction of energy costs in your home!
Insulation & Window Solutions is headquartered in Kennesaw, GA. Our vision is to educate home owners on how to lower their energy bills while increasing the comfort level of their home and lowering their impact on the environment.
"Keith Martin came and told us to try caulking windows first, before replacing, to solve leaks. It worked!!! We ended up hiring this company to completely foam our attic to provide more energy efficiency. We are so happy with job they did!! Would definitely use them for windows if we need them in the future."

Richard & Nancy M.
Cumming, GA
"Keith was so personable and helpful. He even explained questions I had about my insulation. I have requested him for now on for all of my work."

Barbara Selerno
Roswell, GA
"We had the opportunity of working with Keith to install Windows and insulation for our home rehab project, and will say this is one of the better experiences we've had throughout the lifecycle of our project. He quickly earned our trust by being available to answer our questions via phone or promptly returning our calls left via voicemail."

Gadsden Family
Atlanta, GA
The Truth About Saving Energy
Truth about energy diagram
  • 80% of all Americans balance their checkbook and know exactly where the money they earn is spent.
  • Over 80% of all Americans have NO idea where the money they spend for energy goes.
  • There is only one way to save and that is not to spend it.
  • There is only one way to save energy and that is not to use it.
  • Over 80% of ALL homes in the United States are under-insulated.
  • The most effective way to lower home energy loss is to begin with a properly unsulated attic.
  • Spray Foam works in both summer & winter.
What is a Home Energy Efficiency Audit?
Our FREE 15 Point In-Home Energy Audit Includes the Inspection of the following:
Attic Insulation
We determine if the insulation in your attic & home is installed and configured correctly meeting the minimum requirements.
Insulated Outlet Covers
Attic Entrance Cover
Water Heater Blanket
We determine if your attic entrance is sufficiently insulated and make recommendations to help save you money.
Leakage and solar heat can have a huge effect on home energy efficiency. We will test your windows and look for solutions.
We will examine your current thermostat and its accuracy. If needed, a new thermostat can be installed and guidance on how to use it.
During this inspection, we seal up this space while it is not in use and that alone can save you hundreds of dollars in lost energy.
We educate you on the correct settings for your hot water heater and provide all of the proper coverings to reduce your utility bills.
Water Pipe
Window Insulation
Light Bulbs/CFI
Soffit & Ventilation
Programmable Thermostats
Fireplace Seals
We will examine your water lines to determine if we can reduce heat loss in your hot water pipes saving you money on your utility bills.
Refrigerator & Freezer Settings
Air Sealing
Reflective Insulation
We will evaluate your lighting choices throughout the home and look for opportunities for improvement.
Small amounts of air constantly leak in through the electric outlets and switch plates. We will educate you on how to solve this problem.
Attics should be ventilated year-round, to reduce the build-up of heat and moisture. Proper ventialtion can save on utility costs.
We'll review your current settings and teach you how to get results, while reducing energy consumed and money spent each month.
This is one of the most important jobs that a weatherization team does. Your home will be more energy efficient & comfortable to live in.
During summer months, heat comes into the home through the roof. Our product reflects this heat away from your home keeping it cool.
We will check all seals around windows and doors. Potential savings from reducing leaks can range from 5% to 30% per year.
Door Seals
Garage Door Insulation
Weatherizing of your garage doors will help preserve your conditioned air space and also aid in reduction of your energy bill.
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We will show and inform you about many Do-It-Yourself Solutions to problem areas. We measure your attic and provide you with an exact price for our Spray Foam Insulation.

It's a hot topic these days and we're at the forefront of energy conservation for the consumer. We offer an educational experience through our 15 point in home energy analysis which is absolutely FREE!!
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Spray Foam
Looking for the perfect insulation? What we install reflects solar energy in the summer while trapping critical heat in the winter.
Home Insulation
Clogged gutters can pose a serious risk. We have a solution to help eliminate threats a poor gutter system can cause to your home.
Weatherization is the key to reducing wasted energy in your home and helps reduce money wasted on your utility bills each month.
Air Sealing & Weatherization
All vinyl windows are not created equal. Our windows offer increased thermal efficiency resulting in lower power bills and energy savings.
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